Good Good Golf Age, Members, Wiki, Net Worth & Bio

Good Good Golf is a US-based golf group. The internet group consists of six members who love making golf content on YouTube and other social media platforms. To date, the channel has acquired more than a million subscribers on YouTube. Read more to learn about its age, members, wiki, net worth, bio, height, family, ethnicity, nationality, and more.

Good Good Golf Wiki/Biography (Members)

As mentioned above, Good Good Golf is an internet golf group. Over the years, the group evolved to be the most loved golf group across the globe. It includes six dudes namely Garrett Clark, Stephen Castaneda, Colin Ross, Matt Scharff, Bubbie, and Luke Kwon respectively.

Apart from these people, the group has a permanent videographer who goes by the name Max Putnam. He stuck with the group since its launch in 2020. Continue reading about the group members in detail.

Garrett Clark

Garrett Clark is a prominent YouTube personality from the US. He runs a YouTube channel named GM Golf with more than 936k subscribers. He was born in an American family on 8 April 2000 in Kansas, USA.

While his nickname is Garrett, his zodiac sign is Aries. To date, he has been actively golfing for more than a decade. He graduated high school from Christ Prep Academy. However, there is no information known about his higher studies.

Apart from playing golf, he enjoys recording himself playing the sport. Due to this, he made his YouTube debut in December 2013. Initially, he uploaded trickshot videos and later moved on to competition highlights.

His most popular video includes John Daly Jr. and has over 2.5 million views. Further, he featured prominent internet stars including Corinna Kopf.

Stephen Castaneda

Stephen Castaneda owns a self-titled YouTube channel with over 250k subscribers. Born in an American family in Kansas, USA, he celebrates his birthday on the 9th of February every year. His full name is Stephen Lucilo Castaneda II and his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

He completed high school at a local private school in his hometown. Further, he went to Kansas Christian College to pursue higher studies.

He has been actively sharing videos on YouTube for over four years. While sharing trickshot videos, he also uploads vlog-style content on YouTube. He collaborated with notable stars including Grace Charis.

He is believed to be of Spanish ethnic background while being an American citizen. While he didn’t share any information about his parents, he has two siblings named Giancarlo (brother) and Glynis (sister).

Colin Ross

Colin Ross is by far the least popular member of the group. His YouTube channel only has around 98k subscribers right now. Growing up, he watched tons of movies which made him love making videos.

He was born in an American family in the United States. His date of birth is on the 9th of January 1996, making him a Capricorn by zodiac sign. His nickname is Colin. Though he graduated high school, his educational qualifications remain a mystery.

He shares a good relationship with his family members, especially his father. In fact, he features his dad in a series named The Golf Bucketlist. However, we couldn’t find the names of his family members.

Matt Scharff

While the above personalities are all America-born, Matt Scharff was born in Pskov, Russia. As his birthday is on the 6th of April, he is an Aries by zodiac sign. His nickname is Matt.

He went to Tonganoxie High School for high school graduation. Then, he pursued a bachelor’s degree at Sterling College. In fact, he was a part of the college’s golf roaster.

Though he is unmarried, he got engaged to his long-time girlfriend Maddie Henderson in August 2022. She is a Tiktok creator with over four million followers. She shares a variety of content such as lifestyle, skits, and dance videos.

His ethnicity is mixed and his nationality is American. His family moved to the US state of Kansas when he was quite young. However, he didn’t reveal much information about his parents or siblings.

He started his YouTube journey in June 2019 and has shared almost four hundred videos till now. His golf videos have amassed over 30 million views. As of now, his channel has more than 290k subscribers.

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Similar to everyone, Bubbie is also a notable internet golf creator. He operates a YouTube channel with over 226k subscribers. Apart from that, he is quite popular on Tiktok where he has 850k followers.

Born in an American family in Illinois, USA, his birthday falls on the 16th of April. His real name is Thomas Borders. As per his birth date, his zodiac sign is Aries. Upon graduating high school, he enrolled at Miami University.

He is best known for his trickshot videos which were featured on ESPN. While his fastest swing speed is 146 mph, his fastest ball speed is 217 mph.

Luke Kwon

Luke Kwon is the final member of the Good Good Golf. His personal YouTube channel has more than 174k subscribers with 10 million total video views. He was born in a Korean family in Seoul, South Korea.

His birthday is on the 11th of August and his zodiac sign is Leo. He was a student-athlete while attending the University of Oklahoma. While he pursued golf professionally in 2016, he launched his YouTube career in 2017.

He is the most experienced golf player (compared to other members) with him the playing game consistently for almost 20 years. He took part in numerous competitions and won numerous tournaments as well.

While his marital status is unmarried, he has a girlfriend named Brittany Tu. She recently graduated from the University of North Texas Health Science Center. While there are no details about Kwon’s parents, he has a brother whose name is not shared.

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Good Good Golf Age

NameAge (as of 2023)
Garrett Clark23
Stephen Castaneda24
Colin Ross27
Matt Scharff24
Luke Kwon31

History & Career

Good Good Golf came into existence in September 2020. Upon launching the channel, they shared a video our their house and announced the formation of their group.

Garrett was friends with Matt and Stephen for many years. The three knew each other in their early teenage years. Further, Garrett and Micah are cousins. The other two members Grant and Bubbie later became friends with them and decided to form an internet group.

Since the group was created, the group added two members to date namely Grant Horvat and Luke Kwon respectively. While it added a few members, the group also experienced unfortunate situations where a few members decided to be not associated with Good Good.

As per a video uploaded in December 2022, Good Good announced that Grant and Micah left the group forever. Similar to others, Horvat also runs a successful YouTube channel with over 426k subscribers. Micah is a notable golf personality with over 450k subscribers on YouTube.

The existing members couldn’t share much information about the incident due to legal reasons. Upon their departure, the group was left to six members. While all the members are golf influencers, they also enjoy making non-golfing content as well.

Over the past three years, the group has been actively putting out entertaining content consistently. In fact, they maintain a schedule to upload three videos a week.

Their most popular video has over 6.6 million total views. Further, they made notable collaborations with prominent personalities including Rickie Fowler. Currently, the channel has more than 1.32 million subscribers.

The internet group started their own podcast named Good Good Podcast in June 2021. The group actively talks about golf and other events on the podcast. Though they shared about 50 episodes to date, they have uploaded a new episode since May 2023.

Good Good Golf Net Worth

Good Good Golf as a whole business is a multi-million dollar worth empire. As per our estimations, it is worth around $15 million. The group members made a top-class business by expanding into various areas, especially golf wear.

The group primarily earns by monetizing its video content on YouTube. On average, their videos attract around 10-15 million monthly views. As they usually put out long content, a good number of ads are seen by the viewers.

As per our calculations, they could be earning around $75,000 a month through video ads. Further, the numbers can easily cross the one million mark annually. Their earnings further rise if they partner or promote any brands.

While they are known for their YouTube videos, merchandise brings in way more money than any other source. The group has listed gold-related items polos, hats, t-shirts, q-zips, and much more on their official website.

Though the products fall slightly on the expensive side, they made tons of sales with ease. Their followers usually love purchasing these products irrespective of their price. Annually, the sales could easily surpass eight figures.

FAQs about Good Good Golf

What is Good Good Golf?

Good Good Golf is a YouTube channel with over 1.3 million subscribers which is run by six people that share golf-related content.

Who are Good Good Golf members?

Garrett Clark, Stephen Castaneda, Colin Ross, Matt Scharff, Bubbie, and Luke Kwon.

How old are Good Good Golf members?

Garrett (23), Stephen (24), Colin (27), Matt (24), Bubbie (26), and Kwon (31).

How much is Good Good Golf worth?

Around $15 million.

Image source: @goodgood on Instagram.

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