FutureCanoe Face Reveal, Age, Name, Wiki & Bio

FutureCanoe aka FutureCanoe82 is a US-based Tiktok star and food influencer. He became famous for sharing food recipes and review videos on his social media handles.

So far, he managed to accumulate more than two million followers on Tiktok. Continue reading to know more about his face reveal, age, name, wiki, bio, net worth, gf, family, ethnicity, nationality, religion, facts, and more.

FutureCanoe Wiki/Biography

FutureCanoe was born in an American family in the United States. His real name is not shared publicly. Further, he also didn’t share his birthday and his zodiac sign remains unknown. After graduating high school, he pursued higher studies at an unknown university in New York.

His ethnic background is mixed and his nationality is American. There are no details available about his family members. As a person who keeps his identity hidden from the internet, it is pretty much expected of him to keep his family life private.

Coming to his marital status, he is unmarried. Though he is currently single, he could’ve been in at least one relationship in the past few years.

Real NameNot Known
ProfessionTiktok star and food influencer
AgeEarly 20s
Date of BirthNot Known
BirthplaceUnited States
HometownUnited States
Zodiac SignNot Known
CollegeNot Known
Famous ForTiktoks

FutureCanoe Face Reveal

FutureCanoe’s face reveal has been highly anticipated by his fans. However, the Tiktok star doesn’t prefer to showcase his physical appearance with everyone on the public forum.

Though he didn’t share his social media fame with his family and friends, a bunch of them learned about it through his voice. However, the number is quite low.

While he shares his pictures on his Instagram handle, he often hides his face with a tomato soup can image. Not just that, he has also hidden the faces of the people featured in his pictures on the platform.

Future stated that he doesn’t show his original face because he does face-to-face conversations with clients. Due to this, he wants to keep his identity hidden from the internet right now. However, he could potentially reveal his face if he decides to change his video format.

Though there could also be “original” face reveal pictures of the Tiktok star, all of them are completely fake. In fact, it is believed that people usually do it for clicks.

FutureCanoe Age, Height & More

Though FutureCanoe’s birthday is not available, he is believed to be in his early 20s. This assumption was made keeping in mind that he recently completed his bachelor’s graduation.

As per his pictures on Instagram, he is built average and his body features are not available. Further information will be updated once he shares his full appearance publicly.


FutureCanoe completed his graduation in 2022. After that, he was unable to secure a job for a few months. During this time period, he spent a good amount of his free time watching videos and cooking almost every day.

Over the next few months, he became decent at cooking and the thought of making food-related videos crossed his mind. Eventually, he launched his Tiktok account and began sharing short videos in January 2023.

While he secured a full-time job, he continued uploading videos on the app. Within a few weeks of making his debut, he hit the jackpot as one of his videos went viral. After that, his next videos also turned out to be hits.

He reached one million followers on Tiktok in February. In fact, he earned more than half a million followers that month. Currently, he has more than 2.4 million followers with 48 million total likes on Tiktok.

When he started his TikTok account, he also began posting videos on YouTube and Instagram. While sharing short videos, he also uploaded long videos on his YouTube channel. In his videos, he tried the recipes of prominent personalities such as Nick DiGiovanni, Joshua Weissman, etc.

Though his short videos are more popular, his long videos also amass a decent amount of views. His most popular video on the channel has over 16 million views. At the time of writing this article, his channel has over 564k subscribers with 59 million total video views.

FutureCanoe Net Worth

FutureCanoe amassed a net worth of $235,000 (estimated). His income streams include salary from his job, YouTube ads, and sponsorships. While his job description is not known, he earns a decent amount of money from his job.

As a YouTube personality, he doesn’t stick to uploading only short videos on YouTube. Usually, the earnings from short videos are way too low on all platforms. According to our research, he makes about $5,000 to $10,000 by runnings ads.

On the other hand, he uses his following and works with various brands. So far, he promoted various brands including Goldilocks. Lastly, he launched his online store to sell merchandise. As of now, he sells aprons and tote bags.


  • He hasn’t revealed his face yet.
  • He has more than 144k followers on Instagram.
  • His favorite recipe to prepare is oyster sauce.
  • Does he sm0ke? Not known.
  • Does he prefer drinking? Not known.

FAQs about FutureCanoe

Who is FutureCanoe?

FutureCanoe is a Tiktok star and food influencer based in New York.

How old is FutureCanoe?

Early 20s.

What is FutureCanoe’s real name?

Not Known.

Has FutureCanoe done a face reveal?

No, not yet.

How much is FutureCanoe worth?

Approximately $235,000.

Image source: @FutureCanoee on Instagram.

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